Quantities for Beer & Wine Bar

50 Guests
100 Guests
200 Guests
White Wine
12 bottles
24 bottles
48 bottles
Red Wine
12 bottles
24 bottles
48 bottles
Blush Wine
3 bottles
6 bottles
12 bottles
4 cases
8 cases
20 cases

Please note: This is based on the average party. Please order accordingly based on your knowledge of your guests. If you are expecting more men than women, you might want to order more beer. Here are some easy hints to help figure beer and wine needed. You get six glasses of wine out of a 0.75 bottle and there are 12 bottles to a case of wine, which means that you get 72 glasses of wine out of a case of wine.

There are 24 beers to a case. If you are hosting a one-hour beer and wine party for 100 people and the mix is 50 men & 50 women, figure each person, on the high side, is going to have three drinks. That is 300 drinks assume 135 beers / 135 wine and 30 soft drinks. You would need 6 cases of beer / 23 bottles of wine.

We strongly suggest keeping your beer choices to three or four maximum. If you offer too many beers, you run the risk of running out of a type.

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